Maintaining Market Leadership
Automotive Holdings Group

At a crucial time for the automotive industry the Optimal Enterprise™ process gave the Automotive Holdings Group the ability to get and stay in front of the market. By combining management ‘science’ and quality principles with ‘street smarts’ and more traditional approaches, relationships with staff, suppliers, customers and communities were taken to new levels of trust and mutual respect.
Since then the Group has significantly increased sales revenue, market share and profitability and has established and leveraged the AHG brand as a single, integrated entity. The Group’s place as one of Australia’s most successful private companies, continuously building on its fifty-plus year reputation for integrity, quality and value has been assured.
The process is tough and demanding and it gets results! I haven’t seen anything as powerful in all my years in business.

R J (Bob) Branchi, Managing Director,
Automotive Holdings Group -

Success From A Standing Start
Mack Hall and Associates

Optimal Enterprise™ helped Mack Hall and Associates get ‘started with a bang’ in 1994 and to build on that good start through quality people, good systems and processes and a clear set of goals and objectives for the Company and for everyone associated with the Company.
That the process worked for us as well as it did is supported by our decision to use it again as we shape the Company’s next ten years.

Mack Hall, Principal,
Mack Hall and Associates -

Whole System Revitalisation

Getting more than 900 people in almost 100 locations across Australia working to the same picture with the same degree of energy and enthusiasm is just one of the outcomes our Optimal Enterprise™ Better, Best and Beyond process achieved for Betts, a proud Australian shoe and accessories retailer with 100 years of history.
Optimal Enterprise™ helped us achieve that degree of revitalisation with outstanding results. Improved clarity about each person’s place in the Company and around roles and responsibilities as well as Company purpose and direction together with new skills, better communication, more effective systems and processes and a significant improvement in relationships, drove a major revival of the whole Company.
Years on many of the strategies developed by the Company’s people through the Optimal Enterprise™ journey are bearing fruit with new brands being launched, stores being refurbished and significantly improved financial and other performance.
We’re looking forward to our next 100 years.

Danny Breckler,
Managing Director, Betts -

Customer Service Redesign
Water Corporation of WA

A significant refocus and realignment of the Water Corporation with its key market segments were key outcomes of the Corporation’s Breakthrough ’98 strategy facilitated through Optimal Enterprise™
The process examined various design options for customer service, producing a new business model featuring:
• A more proactive approach to people, assets and profitable business growth
• New accountabilities backed up by internal performance contracts and service agreements
• Single point, single person accountability for every significant asset, customer, product, service and program and for every key relationship with customers, suppliers, joint venture partners and communities
• Flexibility to achieve resource and efficiency gains
• Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet approach in each business region
• Regional support services provided by other Divisions where more cost effective
• System-wide integration and leverage of assets, opportunities and relationships.

Jim Brown, General Manager,
Customer Services, Water Corporation

New Directions
Edith Cowan University (ECU)

Optimal Enterprise™ was used by the University’s School of Law project team to outstanding effect, drawing as it did on people and ideas from across the University community, including members of Council and staff, current, past and potential future students, the wider WA community and national and international networks.
Of particular value were the inputs received from more than sixty of the University’s major stakeholders. To have the benefit of their perceptions, observations, criticisms and suggestions across a wide range of issues added value for the University well beyond the Law School initiative.
With the case for a new School made, the University again applied the Optimal Enterprise™ process to develop an innovative implementation and benefits realisation blueprint and supporting strategies for the creation of the new School.

Millicent Poole,
Vice-Chancellor, Edith Cowan University

Project Enhancement in Mongolia
Clough Group

Testimonials from other clients complement and support the outcomes the Optimal Enterprise™ process achieved for Clough on the Company’s Boroo Gold Project in Mongolia. Importantly for Clough there were lessons learned from the wrap up of the work undertaken on Boroo, which led to an even better understanding of our business and its needs.

Robert Jones, Project Director,
Clough -

Board and Artistic Renewal
West Australian Ballet

West Australian Ballet is a State Icon Company and the oldest Ballet Company in Australia. The involvement of the Optimal Enterprise™ process was well established with the Company for many years in the development of our Strategic Planning and guiding the staff and Board into the future, exploring our greater relevancy and financial security.
At a very crucial time in the history of West Australian Ballet, the process played a major role in handling the transition in Board Structure and Artistic Renewal. The professional skills and sensitivities to achieve a positive outcome developed through the process were paramount.
West Australian Ballet still enjoys and benefits from the outcomes achieved and we are most grateful for the journey and actions we took guided by the Optimal Enterprise™ process..

Louise Howden-Smith,
Executive Director, West Australian Ballet

'Out of the Box'
Innovation for the Legal Profession,
Young People at Risk and National Celebration

‘I have had an involvement with Optimal Enterprise™ in my roles as Executive Director of the Law Society of Western Australia, as a member of the Board planning Australia’s Centenary of Federation celebrations in 2000 and as the Chairman of Youth Focus, a youth in crisis service focused on preventing youth suicide.
In each of these quite distinct roles I turned to the process to seek innovative “out of the box” solutions and vitality within these organisations and so ensure their relevance to their respective target groups.
I was never let down by the Optimal Enterprise™ experience, which provided highly customised support, and, despite the diverse nature of these organisations, the incredible knack of getting right to and resolving core issues.
When first appointed to my current position, I also turned to Optimal Enterprise™ for the type of commitment and inspiration that is hard to find these days, let alone have available as a local Australian resource for businesses and other organisations and for people in all walks and at all stages of life.

Peter Fitzpatrick AM, Chief Executive Officer,
Motor Trade Association of Western Australia

Promoting Education and Business Growth
Southside Mitsubishi

The Optimal Enterprise™ process was applied at a time when Southside Mitsubishi had reached a genuine business low; staff morale was poor and business practices represented a 1970’s style of motor dealer operation. Education and change was required to significantly improve thinking, processes and business culture.
It was a long journey, bringing essentially uneducated (in business practices terms) staff into a new and more modern way of thinking about business success.
As a result of our whole system work, consumer confidence increased through a vastly improved operating style with a focus on more open dealings in relationships at every level.
With our clients enjoying a higher degree of confidence profits returned and staff members’ enthusiasm for their jobs became obvious. Consistent results became easier to predict.
Essentially our use of Optimal Enterprise™ was about education and ‘change’; about designing a better future and working through translation, implementation and renewal to get to that better future and beyond.

Tony Carter, Dealer Principal,
Southside Mitsubishi -
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